NORFOLK-- Some people in Hampton Roads are taking the season of giving to new levels by helping strangers.

LaQuita Staten is a wife and mother of three, who was on the receiving end of a random act of kindness Sunday.

Staten and her family walked to a convenience store, near their home in Ghent, looking for frosting to finish a gingerbread house. 'We stopped at 7-Eleven looking for frosting, extra frosting, and they didn't have any.'

It was her husband's birthday and the Redskins had beaten the Eagles. For LaQuita Staten, it didn't seem like the day could get any better.

Staten couldn't believe it when a stranger said, 'Have you finished your Christmas shopping? I want to bless you guys.' Then he went through his things and gave the family a $400 money order.

'I told him, 'No, I can't take this,' but he said, 'Sure you can.' I said, 'Well, what's your name?' He said, 'My name is not important, and he walked away.''

A chance encounter, coupled with generosity, this Christmas season.

We asked people to share similar experiences on our 13News facebook page. One personcovers tolls for drivers regularly and one coffee shop customer likes to leave a gift-card to pay the bill for police officers and service members.

From simple to grand, these gestures remind us of how good people can be, and how a stranger can affect you.

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