VIRGINIA BEACH-- A year ago, 14-year-old Carter Kostler developed a fruit-infused water bottle.

'In the bottom chamber is a place for the fruit. The strainer piece separates in the middle to prevent the fruit from flowing up to the top and getting in the mouth piece,' explained the inventor.

When Carter found out about Michele Obama's 'innovation challenge' through her Partnership for a Healthier America, he made a video and entered the contest.

Carter says they were offering $10,000 of expert business advice to the top product innovation, and it is all based on online votes.

In his video he explained that his mother had always used a pitcher with fresh fruit but he wanted to make it portable.

'I quit soda since becoming a part of this. Totally just cut it out all sugar drinks, everything like that,' Carter added.

With hundreds of entries Carter is now in the top ten and winning the online voting.

The top three winners go to Washington D.C. to make their pitch before 1,000 business experts.

'I kind of got this mini-celebrity status going on at school and everyone's just loving it. Even teachers go nuts over it,' Carter said.

Click here to vote for Carter. Voting ends on February 1.

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