CHESAPEAKE - A Va. Beach Navy man is charged with killing a woman in her Chesapeake apartment.

26-year-old Marcus Hofferber, a petty officer, was arrested early this morning for the murder of Rachel Abshire.

Police say he was hired by her estranged husband, 27-year-old Cory A. Abshire, who is also in the Navy.

Ms. Abshire's body was found in her apartment on Kingsbridge Way around 11:00 a.m. Sunday. She'd been stabbed to death, police said.

Abshire, who lives in Norfolk, and Hofferber, who lives in Virginia Beach, are each charged with conspiracy, armed burglary and murder in the first degree.

Hofferber is due in court on March 21; no immediate information on Abshire's case was available and police did not have a mug shot at the time of this story.

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