VIRGINIA BEACH--Despite the intense cold currently blanketing Hampton Roads, the business of defending the nation goes on.

At Naval Air Station Oceana, the wind chill never exceeded 25 degrees on Tuesday. Yet, the sailors from the master jet base's eighteen F/A-18 Hornet and Super Hornet squadrons were outside, on the flight line, launching and recovering jets.

'It can be kind of difficult at times, working with the tools in this kind of temperature and weather, but we manage,' said Petty officer Gerald Rouse of VFA-34, The Blue Blasters.

Oceana Commanding Officer, Capt. Bob Geis, says leadership throughout the base are keeping a close eye on sailors, making sure people are wearing proper clothing and staying hydrated.

Despite the frigid conditions, there is no day off.

'We're at the nation's beck and call, as our taxpayers expect us to be and as our neighbors need us to be,' said Geis. 'So, it's important for us to be ready, any weather, day or night, all weather conditions. So today I may be uncomfortable to work outside, but it's the nation's business, so we have to make it happen.'

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