VIRGINIA BEACH-- Joe was training with handyman Chuck Ridgeway, a guy who started his own business fifteen years ago.

The first job they tackled was a garbage disposal that was making a strange noise.

The plan was to take it off and see what was in it, so up under the sink Joe went. He started by unscrewing the water line.

'My first garbage disposal job was a little challenging because me, being a big guy, I had to fit into little holes,' said Ridgeway.

The handyman had already helped homeowner Dr. Minnie Washington, by painting, fixing and hanging things and even redoing entire rooms in the home.

'I just love to fix stuff. If it is broken I love to fix it,' added Ridgeway.

Dr. Washington says she uses Chuck's services all the time now.

'He gave me privileges that I can call on him day and night and I have done just that whenever there was an emergency or something like this garbage disposal,' said Dr. Washington.

Back at the garbage disposal, 'Look at that coinage. Your pay for the day,' joked Ridgeway after a dime and penny came out.

Once they found the problem they had to put it all back together again.

Chuck has come a long way since he was featured as a shoe shiner in Dominion Tower in the early 90's. Joe says, 'You name it and he can fix it.'

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