WILLIAMSBURG - A $7,000 bicycle was stolen from a Williamsburg store - while the store was open.

'I didn't even see them leave,' said Barry Herneisey, owner of Bikes Unlimited.

He said the bike, a Bianchi 928 Carbon, is the kind used by professional riders like those competing in the Tour de France.

Herneisey said the bicycles aren't locked down when the store is open so people can test ride them. He was answering a customer's questions when a man and a woman went for the bike. His surveillance cameras caught the couple in the act - the woman holding the front door open while the man grabs the bike. He starts and stops several times as he looks around and then he makes his move, taking it right out the door.

Herneisey said the people have done this before.

'I got a call from a bike shop owner in Stamford, Connecticut that these same folks stole from his shop. I was hoping they were local folks and I would get my bike back,' he noted.

He posted the surveillance video on YouTube in hopes of find the thieves and his bike.

In November 2012, two BMX bikes were stolen from Herneisey'sstore. He believes the thief had been in the Monticello Ave. store hours earlier and then broke in that night.

Anyone with information about the burglary, who knows where the bicycle is or knows the suspects can call Williamsburg Police at 220-2331 or Crime Line at 1-888-LOCK-U-UP.

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