NORFOLK - A man was hit as he crossed a Norfolk road Monday morning.

It happened around 7:30 a.m. as a Mercury Mountaineer SUV was driving north in the 700 block of N. Military Highway, near Poplar Hall Drive.

Police spokesman Officer Chris Amos said the man was taken to the hospital with injuries that are considered life threatening, but by early afternoon, his condition had improved and he's expected to recover.

The incident is under investigation; no charges have been placed.

Several people commented on the situation generally along that stretch of road on the WVEC-TV 13News Facebook page.

'Pedestrians are CONSTANTLY running across Military Hwy and dodging oncoming traffic there. I have almost hit numerous people who didn't account for the 35-45mph speed limit. It's very dangerous,' wrote Samantha Niece Tanner.

Kathy West Bartlett added, 'I go through there more than once each day too. Very few cars are actually driving at 45... more like 50 and more.'

Geraldine Brummett said, 'I use to live in that area. I use to cross there to go to the Mall, church, bank, ect. since I didn't have transportation. I always thought there should be a pedestrian bridge.'

'It's no surprise that someone got hit there. People just cross the street without checking to see if it's clear,' stated Josh Brooks.

Police warned drivers in the area to be aware of possible delays.

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