GATES CO., NC - Some parents say bullying is going too far in Gates County schools.

Jason Barnes says he pulled his 7th grade daughter out of Central Middle after she was threatened. She's now being home-schooled.

'Throughout this situation, we have been to the principal of the school, the superintendent, the Gates County School Board, and the School Resource Officer who is employed by the Gates County Sheriff's Department. None of the administrators in these positions has done anything to help,' he complained.

Audrey Scott says her daughter, who also goes to Central MS, is facing a similar situation. She says the teen is depressed and displaying that emotion by cutting herself. Scott says school officials won't give her a report of her bullying complaints; however, she says the principal did change her daughter's schedule to avoid having classes with the suspected bully.

If things don't change for the better, Scott may pull her daughter out of the school, too.

'I have tried everything. I have met with the superintendent, the guidance counselor, principal,' she stated.

Parents are banding together, going online to talk about their concerns and experiences.

'Thought we were the only ones,' parent Chris Dawson wrote on a blog. 'They tell you everything is being handled, then ridicule and shame the children into keeping things to themselves, even calling them snitches when they come to the office.'

'I really think this is a tragedy. It certainly deserves an internal investigation by third parties not affiliated with the school. Unfortunately bullying is an ever present thing in our schools,' wrote Stacey Baker Banks.

Gates County Superintendent Barry Williams said he was not aware of bullying problems. He said he received a letter from the Barnes family Tuesday and he'll meet with them on Thursday.

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