PORTSMOUTH-- All they want to do is play ball, but the Cradock Little League has been striking out when it comes to luck.

There is concern that the Portsmouth complex is in a state of disarray and may be unsafe for kids to play there.

First, their $3,000 ice machine broke. Then they had vandals. Thieves trying to break into their equipment room to steal materials damaged the door. On top of that, bad weather tore the roof off the dugout on the T-ball field.

'I would like to get some donations of some sort, or a company to come repair some of the damage so we don't have to plummet the budget that we need to supply the kids' uniforms,' said concerned parent Jennifer Garris.

To add to their financial problems Cradock Little League says they had a treasurer who embezzled thousands of dollars from them a few years ago.

The group is still recovering and all they want is for the kids to be able to play ball opening day, April 13th.

Anybody that is able to help is asked to contact Jennifer Garris at

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