VIRGINIA BEACH---They're creeping, crawling and chewing their way into your homes.

Exterminators say Norway rats and roof rats are showing up more than usual in the Sandbridge and Pungo sections of Virginia Beach. They say rainy winter is to blame for the increase, as overflowing sewage lines act as a transit system for the rats.

The rodents aren't confined to Virginia Beach. One local exterminator says it's one of the biggest pest problems in Hampton Roads and many people don't know about it.

'To think of the rodent problem in terms of thousands is a huge understatement,' said A-Active Pest Control President Kevin Kordek. 'There are probably tens of millions of rats.'

Kordek says the best way to keep them away is to cover trash cans and bird feeders and most importantly seal the edges around the outside of the house.

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