NEWPORT NEWS--The owner of a dog that bit two children Wednesday evening made the decision to put their dog down, Newport News officials said Thursday.

Police say the children weren't badly injured in the attack, that occurred as they played on 28th Street around 6:00 p.m. A responding officer shot the dog as it approached him, they said.

Hours after the incident, seven-year-old Mahangy Harris was still upset and cried as she talked about what happened.

'Then the dog, he went to me because I was standing by the wall and then he got them,' she said.

She was nipped in the stomach and her five-year-old brother had 'a very minor bite' to his hip, said police spokesman Lou Thurston.

'I was kicking the dog. When my uncle and daddy came out, my uncle kept on swinging until the dog stopped grabbing on him, then the police came,' said Uuilek Sargeant.

A third child fell trying to get away and had scrapes on his bottom.

Ricky Harris says he hit the dog with a piece of wood as it attacked his children; their uncle hit the dog with a wooden chair.

'So then I hit the dog again and as I'm striking the dog it didn't faze the dog. It kept running around and around and then my brother had a wooden chair and when it bit my son on the leg he hit him with a chair,' Harris stated.

Police arrived and said the dog, a pit bull, charged, forcing an officer to open fire.

'It was so aggressive and a high rush. He came out rushing at him. He pulled his gun and shot at the dog three times, hit him once. The dog was still going. It was an adrenaline rush for the dog,' said Veronic Ralph, the children's mother.

The dog ran off, but it was soon located in a dog house on Roanoke Avenue. Its owner took it to the vet for treatment and decided to euthanize the dog, so no charges will be filed, said City spokeswoman Kim Lee.

None of the children was taken to the hospital.

Lee added that the dog's remains will be tested for rabies.

Thurston said there will be an administrative investigation because the officer discharged his weapon, which is standard procedure whenever an officer fires his weapon.

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