VIRGINIA BEACH -- A family finds their missing dog after someone spotted the pet at a nearby business.

Sean Palmer, his wife, Chris, their children, and pets moved to their home on South Plaza Trail from Kansas earlier this month. A week later, their 7-month-old Black Labrador Retriever, Buck, was gone.

'It's taken me many and many a dog to find the dog I truly bonded with that's gonna be good with my family, that I could take out in the woods and just like that, he comes running back to me,' said Sean Palmer. 'I love that dog.'

Chris Palmer let Buck and their other dog, Lily, out in the family's backyard March 15. When she heard Lily at the door, looking to come back in, she opened it. There was no sign of Buck. He got out of the yard.

A couple days later, the mailman told her the dog had been across the road in the parking lot of Advance Auto Parts. He added someone in a blue Ford Super Duty truck with a double set of back wheels was petting Buck. The Palmers believe the driver of the truck took the dog.

'It's one thing, I guess, if you lose a dog, but then to find out someone witnessed him being taken is a completely other thing. It's indescribable,' Chris Palmer told 13News. 'You know, it's someone's dog. He has a collar, and we were told, I guess, there's a 48-hour rule that if you pick up a dog, you have 48 hours to notify the proper authorities.'

'I can't really say that, you know, if I'd have found the dog, that I'd have went knocking on every single door, but I would have made some type of effort to say outreach to somebody and say, 'Hey, is this your dog?'' stated Sean Palmer. 'Like I said, I ain't never loved a dog before, never.'

The Palmers have looked around their area for Buck and kept in regular contact with animal shelters.

Buck was eventually located after someone recognized the dog at a local Uhaul dealership.

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