GLOUCESTER-One day in January 2011, Michael Craig Conway didn't go home. His mother reported the 27-year-old missing.

He didn't have a car, a cell phone or bank accounts, so tracking him has been difficult. All this time later,there's little information about what happened to him - whether he ran off or was the victim of foul play.

Now, Gloucester County Sheriff's deputies are ramping up efforts to solve the mystery. They say they've met with acquaintances, some of whom said Conway seemed to be under the influence or confused when they spoke to him two years ago. They also said he may have been trying to get to Newport News.

Conway was last seen around Low Ground Road, an area frequented by hunters. There was no trace of him in a search by police and K9s.

Authorities also are checking with federal investigators in case Conway changed his identity or has been the victim of identity theft.

Meantime, he's is listed as a Missing/Endangered adult within the Virginia Crime Information Center and the National Crime Information Center databases.

Anyone with information about Craig Conway, no one what that information is, should call Investigator Mitch Willoughby at 804-693-1105, the Sheriff's Office at 804-693-3890 or Crime Line at 1-800-LOCK-U-UP.

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