ISLE OF WIGHT COUNTY-The Isle of Wight School Board got an earful from teachers and parents about what should stay and what should go in the budget.

Board member Stephanie Bailey, who represents an education association, said during Thursday night's meeting, 'I don't think this budget is ready to be voted on one because there is nothing in it for the teachers. The proposals get rid of the people doing the work, the proposals get rid of the teacher. We can't have that.'

Many parents were upset because the county spent money to purchase i-Pads for students. They argued the money should've been spent on teachers, not gadgets. Others, part of Parents for Isle of Wight County, said the i-Pads did not put a dent in the budget and they supported more technology for the schools.

'It's hard as a parent to try to get other people to realize we need to move past this. This is not an issue of i-Pads. The i-Pads have nothing to do with the shortage funding we're facing. The fact we're going to be losing teachers, we're going to be losing valuable teachers from our schools have nothing to do with these i-Pads,' said Ellen Baker.

After much discussion, the Board unanimously passed a $63.5 million budget. Teachers keep their jobs, but there are no raises. It would require students to pay a $40.00 athletic fee. If a child plays three or more sports, the fee maximum is $100. School Board members said they'd do what they can to help pay the fee for families that can't afford it.

The budget now goes to the Isle of Wight Board of Supervisors for review and funding.

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