VIRGINIA BEACH -- Police have arrested the suspect they believe pulled a woman over in Virginia Beach last week and displayed a fake police badge.

Police have charged 54-year-old Thomas Kent VanKempen of the 1000 block of S. Oaklette Ave. in Chesapeake with impersonating a law enforcement officer.

The Sheriff's office says that VanKempen is a former Portsmouth Auxiliary Deputy.

Police say on April 5, a woman was driving in the 200 block of S. Independence Boulevard when VanKempen pulled in front of her and slammed on his brakes.

According to police, VanKempen allegedly approached the woman in her vehicle, displayed a gold badge in a leather wallet, advised the victim she was driving too fast and asked for her driver's license and registration.

The woman says the suspect left the scene after she 'challenged' him by stating she knew a lot of cops.

VanKempen has been released on bond.

Authorities say if you are stopped by someone who says they are a police officer you can ask for a variety of information including the person's precinct, the name of his/her supervisor and the reason for the stop.

Whether in a marked or unmarked car, officers working traffic in Virginia Beach will be in uniform and should have multiple ways to show they are legitimate.

Drivers also should know they can drive to an area close by that provides good visibility and lighting.

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