PORTSMOUTH - Bullets were found in the backpack of a 4th grader at Westhaven Elementary School in Portsmouth on Monday.

District spokeswoman Maureen Mizelle said the bullets fell out of a notebook around 11:00 a.m. Police were called into the school immediately and six bullets were confiscated from the 9-year-old

Mizelle said disciplinary action was taken, but she would not specify if that involved a suspension or expulsion.

13News has also learned principal Patricia Williams did not notify parents of the incident Monday afternoon. Mizelle explained the decision was a judgment call by the principal and calls were not made because the situation was isolated.

Williams is in the process of notifying parents Tuesday following a number of calls into the school.

Police said several students saw the bullets and told school officials.

The School Resource Officer is investigating the incident. No charges have been placed on the student at this time. No firearms were found, said Det. Jan Clark with Portsmouth Police.

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