NORFOLK-- Joe's Job this week was working with the advertising sales team at WVEC.

The first sales call was with Camille Vaughan, an account executive who won top sales person three years in at row at the TV station. She was reaching out to Sports Alley on Atlantic Avenue.

'Well, we have a saying in sales that for every four good days there is going to be one bad day. So, when you have that bad day and you are on that roller coaster you always know that there is going to be four more great days ahead,' said Vaughan.

On today's visot, a production crew was shooting video to be used in a commercial for Sports Alley.

'Without the advertising revenue, we can't operate the news. We can't have Joe's Jobs featured. We wouldn't be able to provide the severe weather coverage that protects the community,' said Kari Jacobs, WVEC Director Of Sales.

Joe's day began with a sales meeting. The team was looking for clients who may want to sponsor the upcoming 13News hurricane special.

'So, someone has to be able to operate in the gray space because our pricing structure adjusts every day based on supply and demand, so people have to be very adaptable to change and be able to adjust very quickly,' said Jacobs.

Next, Joe was off to another sales call, this time with Account Executive Linda Moore. Driving to the sales call she told Joe she was with the WVECyears ago before leaving and returning last year. Moore says she loves straight commission sales.

'But I said I believe in myself, and I think I can do it. So I motivate myself and I just have to keep myself motivated,' said Moore.

Then it was Joe's turn to make a sales pitch to the Davis Agency in Virginia Beach, who in turn will be pitching WVEC to other clients.

'You know, to me, the biggest selling point when you talk about our hurricane chart are the people on the cover. When you look at Jeff and Craig and Evan and Julie,' said Joe.

The sales people are loaded with research and facts and figures to back up their pitches. Joe asked what to do if a client says, 'No.'

'I think you are told, 'No' more than you are told, 'Yes.' So, maybe it's an internal drive that every sales person has, you have to have that,' said John Witte, WVEC's Local Sales Manager.

It was a real hustle and you have to feel confident when making a pitch. Joe said he wasn't sure about the next one.

'I think you would do pretty great. I mean it seemed like you knew the product pretty well,' said Jessica Smith, account executive with Davis Agency.

Jacobs said selling TV commercial time can be compared to selling seats on an airliner.

'Once that airplane takes off from the airport and leaves, you can't get back on that airplane. Once the 5 p.m. news comes on today, we can't get any more spots in there. So, the inventory expires very quickly,' said Jacobs.

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