NEWPORT NEWS -- Police say they are catching an increased number of students smoking spice in school and they want to put a stop to it.

Officer Bill Zins, a Newport News School Resource officer, says spice is a problem in schools throughout Hampton Roads.

Zins works to identify students who may be getting high at school.

'I saw a student in the cafeteria breathing heavily with his head down on the table,' Zins said. He asked the student what was wrong. 'Then the student pulled his hands off his face and said, 'I feel like I'm in hell!''

It turns out the student had smoked spice in a Denbigh High School bathroom.

'He told me he smoked it and he had the spice in this shirt pocket,' Zins explained.

Zins could not arrest the student because even though state law bans spice, makers are altering the chemicals inside the drug to avoid prosecution.

After that case last year, Zins started a class to teach students about the dangers of the drug.

'I asked the students to raise their hands if they knew anyone who did spice. About a third of the class raised their hands,' said Zins.

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