VIRGINIA BEACH -- Police said Michael Bowyer took a long trip with a lot of stops Thursday, one that involved 3 stolen cars, a stolen boat, and a swim in the waters off Knotts Island.

'Friend of mine that I've known for 20-something years called me and said, 'Hey, what's going on? Your boat's in the middle of Back Bay,' the owner of the 20-foot SeaArk told 13News. 'The boat was obviously stolen, 'cause I had it tied up to the dock.'

Beach officers said the boat was part of the final leg of 38-year-old Bowyer's journey.

He supposedly stole a car in Bedford, Virginia near Roanoke and drove the car to Moyock, North Carolina. There, police told 13News Bowyer ditched the car and took another. Officers said he got into a wreck in Chesapeake where he left the second car and started walking.

A Beach police officer, who didn't know anything about the crash in Chesapeake, spotted Bowyer on Blackwater Road. He offered him a ride and dropped Bowyer off in Creeds where police said he stole an SUV.

Bowyer allegedly drove into Knotts Island where a Currituck County Sheriff's deputy tried to stop him for a traffic violation, but police said he kept going, leading the deputy on a chase, losing the deputy.

On Knotts Island Road, back in Virginia Beach, he apparently hydroplaned and left the SUV in a marshy area before taking the boat, which had a broken steering cable.

'He was unable to operate the boat, and just drifted for a mile or two,' said the boat's owner.

Beach officers told 13News Bowyer jumped into the water where he drifted. 2 fishermen spotted him, pulled him into their boat, and took Bowyer back to shore where police arrested him.

Officers took Bowyer, who is from the Roanoke area and faces several charges, to Virginia Beach Correctional Center

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