VIRGINIABEACH, VA -- Some business owners at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront are threatening to close early if rumors of another college beach weekend prove true.

This after a flier for another party event like the one in April that brought chaos to the resort area started making the rounds in social media.

Robin Kellam, manager of Candy Kitchen on the Oceanfront, said what happened on the strip back in April was terrifying.

'The people were scared,' she said. 'I left about six o'clock and people were running in the street. The person in front of me was getting their their car jumped on. They'd already started their cursing and screaming.'

Now that there's another flier circulating on the Internet saying another weekend bash is planned for later this month, businesses are assessing whether they should open or close.

Kohr Brothers Ice Cream will shut down earlier than usual. 'We actually already have security and everything every weekend, but that's just too much to deal with. A lot of crazy things were happening the last time,' said manager Anastasia Waterfield.

'A lot of the retailers are already saying they're going to lock their doors, board up their windows and go home. They're not going to be here,' said Kitchen.

Nancy Rodio, owner of Chester's Upper Deck, said during April's violence, security cameras captured unruly patrons roughing her up, even hitting her in the face and giving her a black eye.

When Rodio heard about another weekend bash she thought: 'I can't tell you the first thing that crossed my mind. 'Oh my goodness!' My thoughts are that I'm amazed, I'm amazed that they'll come back after the backlash they got last time.'

Virginia Beach Councilman Bill DeSteph says the city will be prepared to keep the peace on the strip.

'Yeah, there may have been gang members but we don't have problems with the college kids down here. We have the problem with the piranhas feeding on the college kids.' said DeSteph.

Mayor Will Sessoms said he doesn't know whether the latest flier is legitimate or a hoax, but he said regardless, the city will be prepared.

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