VIRGINIA BEACH - State health officials say a man found dead near the Oceanfront this weekend died of an explosive injury to the head.

Fire officials confirmed Tuesday that Jim Engelhardt was attempting to light fireworks when he was struck by the 'explosive projectile' and suffered severe head injuries.

Police have not confirmed the name, but his friend Jimmy Stevens told 13News Now on Monday that Engelhardt lived on the edge and he loved fireworks.

'He had a big old missile on top of his refrigerator. Saturday night, he got the urge to go out on the Beach and fire it off,' Stevens recalled.

Stevens stressed he'd known Engelhardt for 14 years.

'(Jim)loved his one-year-old daughter and he loved his life,' Stevens added.

Responders found Engelhardt around 7:15 a.m. Sunday on a pathway at 76th Street & Ocean Front Street.

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