VIRGINIA BEACH--The Virginia Beach Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is seeking help in cleaning dozens of birds affected a Portsmouth fuel spill. The fuel leak happened Wednesday.

The fire department says a damaged truck leaked diesel into Lake Collins near the Collinswood Lake Apartments on Navajo Trail.

So far the VB SPCA has captured over 60 Canada geese and mallard ducks impacted from the spill.

This has scared away many of the remaining sickened birds, with some of them fleeing to nearby neighborhoods.

'I think we've been very successful,' said Virginia Tavenner of the SPCA. 'We've had two days of intensive rescue and we had to scale back our rescue because the geese and the ducks have dispersed quite a bit.'

Many of the rescued birds are covered in diesel,and have swallowed the deadly chemicals. After capture, the birds are taken to the SPCA to be washed and treated for internal injuries.

It's this disinfecting process where the group says it needs the most help.

'Currently we're recruiting anybody interested in hands-on at the VB SPCA for washing the birds, they'll do so under the supervision of a rehabilitator,' said Tavenner.

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