VIRGINIA BEACH-The need to feed families and provide life-saving blood are great during the summer months. In Hampton Roads, the American Red Cross and The Foodbank of Southeastern Virginia work tirelessly to fullfill those needs.

In June, the American Red Cross and ABC13 sponsored the '3 Minutes to Saving Lives' blood drive, in which one lucky donor would win a 3-minute shopping spree.

In conjunction with that shopping spree, 13News Now Daybreak Anchor Vanessa Coria was recruited to shop for the Foodbank.

Coria and blood donor Esther Dubique met Wednesday at the Chimney Hill Farm Fresh store in Virginia Beach to do their shopping.

Dubique was set free to load as much as she can in her cart in three minutes. Coria's mission was to get dried and canned goods to help the Foodbank feed local families.

There was a catch: they couldn't only get one of each item of a particular brand.

The folks with both the Foodbank and Red Cross hope events like these will create more awareness about blood donation and donating to the Foodbank. In turn, they want to inspire people to give.

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