JAMES CITY COUNTY-Sinkholes are opening up in a James City County neighborhood.

One large hole in the Fernbrook subdivision is in front of Louann Fultz's home.

'I'm worried that she (my daughter) can fall in it or if she's outside and it happens this will be the time the light post falls she's going to be in the line of fire of that,' said Fultz.

James City County Stormwater Director Fran Geissler says the sinkholes are popping up because the developer installed the wrong type of pipes. The water seeps through the pipes, so each time it rains, the soil moves and creates sinkholes.

'This is a very serious problem. This entire run of pipe will need to be replaced. It's not going to stop.We can't fill in the hole. The rain water will continue to cause the little pieces of soil to wash away. This will never go away unless we replace the pipe,' she said.

Geissler says the county can't do that without permission of the Fernbrook Community association, which owns the pipes.

'That involves some legal steps and they have been working on it for a while,' Geissler added.

The county is expected to meet with engineers Tuesday to discuss the problem. The hole in front of the Fultz home was taped off this morning.

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