UPDATE 12/16: A two-day jury trial is scheduled to begin Tuesday for Crystal Harrell, who is charged with killing Sakinah Breathwaite outside the Alley nightclub in Hampton.

Previous Information:

HAMPTON- A Chesapeake woman was found shot to death in a shopping center parking lot in Hampton and a Newport News woman is charged with her murder.

Crystal Evita Harrell, 21, allegedly shot 29-year-old Sakinah Myeshia Breathwaite during an argument in the parking lot of Newmarket Square Shopping Center.

Sgt. Jason Price told the two women didn't know each other.

officers in the area were approached by several people about the 2:00 a.m. shooting.

Witnesses described a car that drove off right after the shooting - a dark-colored Audi. It was stopped at 2:13 a.m. in the 900 block of Aberdeen Road and Harrell was taken into custody.

Price couldn't say whether she'd had been in The Alley, a club which is on the Newport News side of the shopping center.

Quanna Johnson said she'd seen the woman in the club earlier in the night. Johnson left the club but couldn't leave the parking lot since the woman's body was underneath her car.

'It's too close,' Johnson said. 'That could have been me walking to my car, that could have been me.'

A security officer at The Alley, who asked to remain anonymous, said the crime was not connected to the club.

'This was a random shooting,' he stated.

Harrell is charged with murder and use of a firearm in the commission of a felony.

Gary Stultz works at the guitar shop next to The Alley and wouldn't mind if the club was closed down.

Pedro Quiles, who owns the cell phone business next door, feels differently. He says the club is good for his business.

'Yeah, people come in and pay their cell phone bills and then go out. Just wondering how it happened with cops in the lot'.

The one thing both men wonder is how the shooting happened because officers are there during business hours.

The door at The Alley advertised a Friday night event and that only people age 30 and older would be allowed in.

The club is owned by Barry Davis. 13News Now has placed calls to his attorney to talk about the situation.

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