NEWPORT NEWS-- Families were forced out of a Newport News motel Monday after it was condemned for health and safety issues.

Due to severe rodent and insect infestations, unsanitary conditions, plumbing issues, and safety and health concerns, the Midtown Motel at 10614 Jefferson Avenue was determined to be inhabitable, according to Anita Walters with the Department of Human Services.

'They said it was bed bugs and roaches and all that stuff. I mean, it was when I first got here but I handled mine,' said Chris Powell who liived at the motel for a few months. 'I mean, my room is okay. I don't have no problems with what's going on in there. If I did, I would have moved out. It's just that simple, but I know it's according to code and all that stuff.'

Walters says the motel was inspected on August 23. Following a re-inspection of the premises Monday, inspectors found no progress was made.

'The owner, he knew that this was gonna happen, and he won't give anybody their money back,' said Michelle Garner who packed up her room late Monday, along with her boyfriend.

'He knew what was gonna happen, yeah, I mean, we're all to pieces. We're all to pieces. We don't know where to go,' said Garner. 'I'm not going to a homeless shelter. I mean, this place is bad enough, living here. I'm not going to a homeless shelter, so we're all just stuck.'

'I got no words for it right now.I have now words for it,' Emanuel Jeffries, who moved to the motel in 2010, told 13News Now. 'Words I use might be wrong words.'

City Manager Jim Bourey said, 'After reviewing the seriousness of the situation, we felt that there was no other alternative than to condemn the rooms and work with those displaced individuals, including families with small children, to find them safe and sanitary housing.'

The Department of Human Services will help make alternative living arrangements for individuals and families affected by the closure.

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