NORFOLK--The Norfolk business community is getting national recognition for its effort in creating small businesses.

Entrepreneur Magazine recently ranked Norfolk the fifth best city for entrepreneurs.

The article cites work done by Zack Miller, the managing director of the venture capital firm Hatch.

Located in Downtown Norfolk, Hatch invests in small businesses and then gives entrepreneurs workspace.

Hatch has only been funding startups for two years but, Miller says, has already helped several companies get off the ground.

Miller says several companies he's worked with have attracted millions of dollars in funding from outside investors.

'The community is not even really two years old,' Miller said. 'So for us, to be getting recognized that way and to see some of the numbers start coming out, I think we've got a big, big future ahead of us.'

Miller said new businesses provide several economic impacts for the community, including keeping workers here and attracting millions of dollars in investments to Hampton Roads based companies.

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