NORFOLK-A family visiting Hampton Roads last month said they had a very close encounter with the man who opened fire at the Washington Navy Yard on Monday.

The Boyds, from Birmingham, Alabama, were in Norfolk International Airport when they claim Aaron Alexis accosted them, angry because he thought they were laughing at him.

Michael Boyd told ABC News, 'I got up and I told the lady who was taking boarding passes that they needed to get security and I guess about three or four minutes later security came. We told them he was sitting over behind us and they walked over there and calmed him down, I guess.'

13News Now confirmed with Norfolk Airport authorities the confrontation happened on Concourse A by the Southwest Airlines gates and that no report was taken and no one was arrested.

Glynda Boyd recalled the August 4 encounter with Alexis was intense.

'He was point blank in our face, like two feet. He was in our face and he was going off. He was loud, very loud,' she recounted. 'I felt fear, sense of fear, because he was off. He looked like he was puzzled, something was wrong. You could tell his behavior, something wasn't right with him mentally.'

The Boyds were in Hampton Roads for a family reunion.

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