VIRGINIA BEACH-More women in Hampton Roads will soon have the option of a 3D mammogram.

Beginning next week, Sentara's eight breast imaging locations will be scheduling appointments on the $500,000 Tomosynthesis machine, which offers a 3D view of breast tissue in order to detect cancerous tumors sooner.

The X-ray arm of the machine is able to sweep over the breast and capture layers of tissue that the radiologist can peel back like an onion.

The company that makes the machine claims it decreases callbacks for a second look by 38 percent.

Since April, two Sentara locations have performed 2,600 3D mammograms - Virginia Beach and Port Warwick.

Sentara spokeswoman Cheri Hinshelwood said the added cost to the patients for the 3d portion of the mammogram is $50, given that most insurance companies are not covering that cost at this time. It's expected that insurance companies will cover the cost of this new technology shortly.

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