YORKTOWN -- Having to close one restaurant because of the government shutdown is bad, but Glenn Helseth had to close two restaurants on the Peninsula.

Helseth had to close The Carrot Tree in Yorktown becuase it is in a building owned by the National Park Service. Another restaurant by the same name is on Jamestowne Island, land that is owned by the government.

Helseth is moving supplies into a building at the Watermen's Museum along the Yorktown waterfront.

He already had plans to open an eatery at that location, but the government shutdown is speeding up those plans.

October is a big money maker for him.

He summed it up like this, 'It's Rocktober for us. Yorktown Day makes a week in October, that week in October makes the month of October. The month makes the fourth quarter. The fourth quarter makes my year.'

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