NORFOLK - Week two of the government shutdown brings new concerns for the housing market.

Prospective homeowners waiting on a Federal Housing Administration loan could be out of luck for now. A quarter of all home mortgages are backed by the FHA and most of the FHA workers who process those loans were furloughed last week.

Those mortgages also require paperwork from the IRS and Social Security. Both of those agencies had most of their workers furloughed as well.

Lenders who want to make home loans are having trouble because they can't get the government paperwork, which is usually routine.

Steve Rockefeller of the Virginia Mortgage Lenders Association says some folks will start to feel the impact this week.

'If you have people that are closing that are government employees and they've been furloughed, they no longer qualify for the loan,' Rockefeller said.

The U.S. Housing and Urban Development, which runs the FHA, stated in a recent report that an extended shutdown would affect potential homeowners, sellers and the entire housing market.

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