NORFOLK- A student brought a gun to school Wednesday morning at Ingleside Elementary, according to school officials.

The child reported the gun was in his back pack to a staff member immediately after school started at 9 a.m.

Staff members retrieved the backpack, found the gun, and police were called. The gun was not loaded.

According to Elizabeth Mather of Norfolk schools, appropriate disciplinary action would be taken against the student.

According to Norfolk Police spokeswoman Karen Parker-Chesson, the boy says he found the gun in his parent's closet and placed it in his book bag.

Parker-Chesson said the parents of the juvenile have been charged with child neglect and the juvenile was referred to juvenile court intake. She says child protective services will also follow up.

Reverse Phone Message Sent to Parents:

Parents: As a partner in your child's education and well-being, I would like to make you aware of an incident that occurred on campus today. We discovered that a student brought an unloaded firearm to school. Please be assured that school administrators located it very quickly and no students were in immediate danger. The Norfolk Police Department was immediately contacted and appropriately handled the situation. Among our highest priorities is to provide a safe and nurturing learning environment for your child. We would like your support to help us ensure that Ingleside Elementary remains a safe learning environment. I am asking parents to assist us by checking your child's belongings each morning to see that dangerous, illegal, and inappropriate items are not brought to school. Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the school. We appreciate your continued support of Ingleside Elementary School.

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