VIRGINIA BEACH-With eight days to Vote 2013, two candidates for the Virginia governor seat brought in some heavy hitters on the national political stage.

Democrat Terry McAuliffe,leading in the polls, campaigned for a second day with President Bill Clinton at Half Moone Cruise and Celebration Center in downtown Norfolk Monday, a little more than 12 hours after they held an event at YH Thomas Community Center in Hampton.

The GOP candidate, Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli was joined by Sen. Rand Paul, a tea party stalwart from Kentucky, at the Philippine Cultural Center in Va. Beach Monday afternoon.

Also Monday, during a campaign stop at Liberty University, the Christian college founded by Jerry Falwell, Paul warned that scientific advancements could allow the government practice eugenics.

Paul says a swab inside a cheek or prenatal test could predict an individual's potential based on DNA. He says that might allow government to 'select out the imperfect among us' through abortion.

Some states ran eugenics programs that sterilized those considered defective in the 1900s, though all were abandoned by the 1970s after scientists discredited the idea.

On Tuesday, Cuccinelli will be with Sen. Paul and Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal for a Get Out The Vote Rally in Bristow.

Libertarian candidate Robert Sarvis will address the Nelson County Home Builders Association in Roseland Monday night.

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