NORFOLK---Governor-elect Terry McAuliffe announced his plans to deal with tolls at the Midtown and Downtown Tunnels Monday.

McAuliffe says the tolls may be inevitable, but he believes the current toll rate will place too much of a burden on drivers in Hampton Roads.

'Once I'm elected, we are going to look at this,' McAuliffe said. 'We are going to get all the stakeholders around a table and figure out a win-win situation.'

McAuliffe would not elaborate on what a possible toll rate could be.

McAuliffe did not suggest he'd be fighting to reverse the supreme court decision that ruled tolls are now constitutional, but he says he wants to make sure all parties involved are on the same page when they agree on the rate.

'We cannot be having tolls so high that it affects peoples ability to get around, quality of life, the commerce they need to do for business. We are going to look at it and I've been consistent on this issue,' McAuliffe said.

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