SUFFOLK -- It was recently reported that an acorn shortage was affecting the deer population and now it appears the shortage is causing increased bear sightings.

Residents along Pughsville Road in Suffolk say almost every night they see and hear bears messing with their trash cans.

Peter Acker with the Virginia Game And Inland Fisheries Office in Chesapeake says bears eat acorns, so to make up for the shortage they are scrounging for other sources.

'I am extra cautious when I come out of my home,' said Suffolk resident Joe Morgan.

While Acker said bears don't care about humans, they are still wild animals and residents need to be cautious.

'Keep all trash and outdoor grills properly secured and cleaned. Also, keep dog food indoors,' added Acker.

People should contact the Virginia Game And Inland Fisheries Office if they spot any bears. The VDIF Animal Conflict Hotline number is 855-571-9003.

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