NORFOLK-The man who's represented Hampton Roads on the state transportation board will oversee transportation for Virginia.

Governor-elect Terry McAuliffe named Aubrey Layne his Secretary of Transportation in an announcement Friday morning in Norfolk.

McAuliffe says he's putting together a bipartisan team of leaders committed to growing Virginia's economy and finding common ground on issues.

Layne said he was ready for the challenge and will hit the ground running.

'The Governor-elect has made a more modern, efficient transportation system a principal goal of his administration, and I am ready to take on that challenge and hit the ground running to do what we need to do to improve our transportation infrastructure,' he said. 'We are in agreement on this, and I don't think without tolls it would be a reality,' Layne said in reference to tolls used to pay for the new Midtown Tunnel project.

Layne has served two terms on the Commonwealth Transportation Board, representing the Hampton Roads District. The board decides what projects get funded. His current term ends June 30th, according to the CTB Website.

'As a Hampton Roads resident and a member of the Commonwealth Transportation Board, Aubrey comes to the job with a wealth of knowledge. He understands the challenges and concerns of all residents, from Virginia Beach to Vienna,' Virginia Beach Mayor William D. Sessoms, Jr. said.

McAuliffe made the announcement at the Norfolk International Terminal.

'Aubrey's experience in statewide transportation planning and in the private sector give him valuable perspective on the pivotal role that transportation planning, construction and maintenance play in creating an environment where businesses can locate and thrive,' stated McAuliffe.

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