1/1 UPDATE:: The $1 million winners are:
#19966 (ticket bought at Apple Market, 3225 Halifax Road, South Boston)
#92069 (ticket bought at 7-Eleven, 13304 Occoquan Road, Woodbridge)
#182316 (ticket bought at State Line Exxon, 4663 Martinsburg Pike, Clearbrook)

Six $25,000 tickets:
#58002 (ticket bought at Midland Trail Pit Stop, 62 East Midland Trail, Lexington)
#63543 (ticket bought at 7-Eleven, 1010 West Market Street, Harrisonburg)
#116188 (ticket bought at Hess, 4808 King Street, Alexandria)
#175571 (ticket bought at Farm Fresh, 230 East Little Creek Road, Norfolk)
#211944 (ticket bought at Willis Road Chubby's, 2333 Willis Road, Richmond)
#239719 (ticket bought at Stateline, 9925 Skippers Road, Skippers)

Players can call the Virginia Lottery Player Information Line at 804-662-LUCK or click on the Va. Lottery Website link for the numbers.

RICHMOND-All 330,000 tickets for tonight's New Year's Millionaire Raffle are sold.

The $20 tickets went on sale October 29 for the New Year's day drawing. Three players will start 2014 with $1 million. Six will win $25,000 and 300 ticketholders will each win $500.

The winning numbers will be announced at 2:00 p.m. Wednesday.

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