NORFOLK-When you start a new job, you hope to train with the best in the business. That's exactly what happened when I trained with Ken Scales of Norfolk Wholesale Floral. He's been in the floral business for three decades.

From picking the flowers to making the arrangements to delivering them, the family-run business does it all.

My day started in the cooler picking the flowers that had been ordered. I learned that Christmas is the third biggest day of the year for flower deliveries - behind Valentine's and Easter, of course. One Valentine's Day, Ken recalled arriving at work at 2:00 a.m. and off-loading some 600 boxes from a wholesale delivery. Then he put in a full day doing his own deliveries.

He has a strategy for timely deliveries.

'You start your day off by looking at how many deliveries you have. You want to pick the furthest ones out and then work your way back in. Sometimes, people pay for an extra delivery charge to get it there at a certain time,' noted Scales.

On this day, we delivered to Special Events in Portsmouth. Bob Hanbury, a long-time customer, welcomed us with open arms.

After 30 years, what is it about flower delivery that keeps Ken Scales going?

'Seeing the public enjoying, seeing a smiling face. Some people cry when they get an arrangement. I think all that feels good,' said Scales.

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