What is it? It's a reusable single cup pod for use in your Keurig single cup brewer.

What does it claim? That it's easy to use and will give you ten times the savings versus disposable pods.

Who tested it? The creator of the blog and confessed coffee lover, Jess Horton.

What Are The Instructions? You really just use it like you use your regular k-cups. The only difference is you have to pop open the cafe cup to get started. Once it's open you just fill the Cafe Cup with your favorite ground coffee. Then close the lid and insert it into the brewer just like you would your regular disposable pods or k-cups. Now just press brew and enjoy. Clean up is easy too. Just dump out the grinds and rinse out the Cafe Cup. You need to rinse it after every use. But you can also put it in the top rack of your dishwasher to clean too. You can also use your Cafe Cup with loose tea.

Did it work ? Our tester thought it was great. She's always looking for ways to tighten her budget but she wasn't willing to cut back on her coffee. This lets her do both. She says considering the amount of coffee she drinks daily she plans to save a lot of money with the Cafe Cup.

Cost/Availability ? You can purchase a pack of four Cafe Cups and a bonus cafe scoop at RiteAid for $9.99.

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