RICHMOND-The Virginia General Assembly is entering its second week of the 2014 legislative session and lawmakers are bracing for an avalanche of bills.

Up to 3,000 pieces of legislation are expected to be filed by the 140 members. But at least two thirds of them will never see the light of day. Most will simply never be acted upon. Some will be reassigned to committees or subcommittees which will never meet. The rest will be killed outright.

Many of the bills in question have nothing to do with the state budget, public safety, public health or public education. There are memorial resolutions commending various great citizens of the commonwealth. There are bills to start of new license plates. There are bills naming new state insects, animals or flowers.

'Silly bills,' said State Senator Kenny Alexander, (D-Norfolk).

He said many of the bills are 'annoying,' and take time away from the issues that really matter during a 60-day legislative session.

'We have a budget that's going to approach $90 billion that we have to through,' he said. 'Some of those bills can just be done away with.'

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