NORFOLK -- This is it! This is the week that I get serious about getting more fit in the new year like a lot of other people.

'About two, two and a half hours,' said trainer Butch Scott.

I don't think I could do two hours of this stuff but I can at least do thirty minutes on the elliptical.

'Pick up healthy habits. Pick up at least one healthy habit each month for twelve months out of the year,' said Onelife Fitness Director Justin Johnson.

Lots of people are thinking the way I am in the new year.

'You have to start somewhere, everyone does. There is all shapes and sizes here,' said member Diana Dlubala.

You know these guys are serious when you see them roll in on a Saturday morning. We shouldn't get intimidated by the leaner, meaner look either.

'Start at your pace. Push yourself a little bit. Don't get in your comfort zone but you know your limits and push yourself as far as you can. And always find a friend. Buddy system works well,' said fitness trainer Denise Sill.

There were a lot of people in the yoga class. More resolutions and commitments.

'We need to work on our physical side or our mental side or our spiritual side or all of the above. So anything that's going to help you in one or all of those areas which again yoga helps in all of those areas,' said yoga instructor Lisa Drago.

Sarah McCallum was in charge of the spinners. They go for forty-five minutes.

'Get your mind set and motivate yourself to get up and get out, because at the end of the day it's your health bill that's going to be increased because your obese or have hypertension,' said Brit Melvin.

Student Kandice Mason comes in every day now. She injured her knee and wants to get back to 5k running again.

'It's good for your heart. It's good for your health. It really does something to you spiritually, gets you going,' said Mason.

Cardio one day and weights another day. Even walking a lot to get started. For me, increasing the days I hit the rec center.

'Well, we talked about it before, changing your eating habits which you did. So being more active, a little higher intensity more frequently throughout the week,' said Johnson.

A little of this and a little of that. Balance.

'I think it's a matter of what you put in your mouth, to how you treat other people, to your everyday philosophy of life,' said member Ruth Miller.

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