VIRGINIA BEACH -- Black ice could be a threat for drivers tonight and Wednesday morning, according to city officials.

'It's going to be nasty. That's our biggest fear is black ice,' Public Works spokesperson Drew Lankford said.

More than 2,000 tons of sand-salt mixture is ready for city roadways, with 800 tons at Dam Neck and 1,500 tons divided among Oceana, Pungo and Euclid operations centers. Crews expect to use about 200 tons Tuesday night.

'If you have snow, people stay in and it's not a problem. But with black ice, people don't see it,' Lankford noted.

On Tuesday morning, public works employees were checking trucks and equipment to make sure everything is ready to roll. Come6:30 p.m., workers will start 12 hour shifts with 24 trucks.

Lankford is asking drivers to stay off the roads.

'One big concern is people get out in traffic, and our trucks get stuck in traffic. It's not like we have sirens. That delays the trucks,' he adds.

As soon as the temperature drops to 35 degrees, workers will start salting major roadways. Putting salt down when it's warmer means the rain will wash it down the drain.

If snow covers the roads, don't expect your neighborhood or side streets to be cleared in the morning. City crews will focus on plowing primary roads, including First Colonial, Princess Anne, Virginia Beach Blvd., Independence, and Shore Dr.

Areas like Indian River Rd. and West Neck Rd., are not a first priority for plowing.

Police and fire crews will be out monitoring the roadways and reporting trouble spots to Public Works crews. City officials are asking you to call 311 if you want to report any problems on the s.

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