PORTSMOUTH -- If you're looking for de-icing salt, shovels or other winter-weather supplies you may find you are out of luck.

Phillip Dail of Dails Home Center in Portsmouth said there's a nationwide shortage of de-icing salt and before stores can restock their shelves, another massive winter storm is headed to the area.

'All the salt distributors are pretty much running at capacity because of the cold weather we've been experiencing,' said Dail.

Dail's store was completely out of rock salt, shovels and heaters Monday.

'I've been getting calls for heaters all day Saturday, and on into today, and I don't have anything available,' said Dail.

Donald Tatem of Industrial Hardware in Chesapeake said it's been chaotic trying to get snow materials in his store to sell.

'Most of the distributors you call, they don't have anything, and if they do have, or expect to have any, their lead time is approximately 30 days out,' said Tatem.

Tatem's store is similar to others which only had a few shovels in stock Monday. He said instead of de-icing salt, which he's been out of, he's been recommending granular fertilizer.

'Salt will usually kill the plants or your grass. You can use granular fertilizer which will crush up when you walk on it,' said Tatem.

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