GLOUCESTER COUNTY -- Robert 'R. J.' Gray and his wife, Nicki, wrapped up a busy morning of packing meals for their church's food pantry. Gray, an avid cyclist, headed out for a ride. Just 2 miles from his home in Saluda, a pick-up truck hit him.

'Sounded like a tire blowing out,' recalled Tanisha Carteret who lives along Route 17.

She and her family were outside when they heard the truck hit Gray, not realizing what happened initially.

'My son spoke: 'Mom, a truck just pulled off, and there's a man laying on the ground,'' Carteret told 13News Now. 'I saw his bright colors, and my feet started moving before my brain could register. 'Oh, my goodness. There's somebody on the side of 17.''

State troopers said Gray was pedaling northbound on the right shoulder of the highway, just above Owl Trap Road when a dark brown or tan Toyota Tundra with a camper shell hit him. They believe the model year was between 2002 and 2006. The impact with Gray left it with damage to passenger side headlight and side mirror.

Police say the driver of the pick-up circled back to check on Gray, then left.

Doctors released Gray from the hospital Sunday, and he was resting at homeMonday night. His wife said that several bones in his back are broken.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Virginia State Police at (757) 424-6800.

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