3/20 UPDATE: Lt. Wayne Barfield pleaded guilty to two specifications of Article 93 (maltreatment), two specifications of Article 128 (assault), Article 133 (conduct unbecoming an officer) and two specifications of Article 134 (fraternization, and drunk and disorderly conduct). Barfield was sentenced to 60 days restriction to Base Elizabeth City, N.C., a letter of reprimand and $1,000 per month forfeiture of pay for 12 months.
Also in accordance with the pre-trial agreement, Barfield has submitted his request to retire as a chief warrant officer two.

NORFOLK (AP) -- A 44-year-old lieutenant in the Coast Guard is facing military charges for assault, maltreatment and drunk and disorderly conduct while in port in Panama.

The Coast Guard says Lt. Wayne Barfield will face a special court-martial Wednesday in Norfolk.

Barfield was the chief engineer aboard the Charleston, S.C.-based Cutter Gallatin. Charge sheets say the ship was in Bocas Del Toro, Panama in the spring of 2013 when the misconduct occurred.

The documents say Barfield made repeated offensive comments to someone subject to his orders, danced inappropriately in a public place and was drunk and disorderly.

They also say he fraternized with enlisted Coast Guardsmen and inappropriately touched someone by pulling her bikini top.

The Coast Guard says he has been administratively reassigned to a unit in Elizabeth City, N.C.

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