Dear Roze:

I work in a very small office and one of my co-workers lives and breathes Facebook. She puts everything she does on there, from where she goes to what she eats, wears, thinks, and feels. You name it, she has it up there. What annoys me to no end are some of the photos she puts on there and some of the language she uses. It's not unusual for her to post risque pictures of herself or to use foul language. I think it's so inappropriate. I've tried to gently make suggestions to her, but she thinks I'm a prude and tells me to 'Mind your own business.' Our boss, the owner of the shop where we work, prefers to keep blinders on. When I've approached her about this, she shuts me down. She says she doesn't want to hear about what any of us do outside of work; she only cares about our performance at the shop. Of course, I've tried to explain how this worker has her employer information on her Facebook profile and how her Facebook postings could negatively affect the store, but the owner chooses to stay in the dark. She doesn't do Facebook and has no plans to start. I'm upset because I think the things this worker puts on Facebook not only reflect poorly on her, but on the store, the store's owner, me, and the other workers. Is there anything else I can do?

Fed up with co-worker's Facebook posts

Dear Fed up with co-worker's Facebook posts:

I commend you for trying to have discussions with your co-worker and boss. Have you considered deleting your co-worker's inappropriate posts from your News Feed, or programming your Facebook account so her posts never show up on your page? I realize these actions do not fix the problem, but they will distance you from it. Sadly, until your boss loses some business and your co-worker loses her job or is negatively impacted in some other way, neither one of them may ever understand or care about your concerns. If you determine your reputation is getting sullied and/or your job security is being negatively impacted, start looking for other employment; but do not give up this job until you have secured another one. Best of luck!

Dear Roze:

I want to share something positive about a particular workplace. I eat at quite a few fast food chains for lunch because they're usually quick and they fit my budget. There's one I like the most, but it's not because of the food. It's the people who work there. The manager and workers are so friendly and do such a great job. Every time I go there, they make me feel welcomed the moment they see me. They even remember what I order and try to make sure I get the freshest and hottest food. I always tell them how much I appreciate the way they take care of me. I go there more often than to the other chains because of the people, not the food. It makes such a big difference. I think their wonderful customer service stands out because it's so rare.

Customer service makes the difference

Dear Customer service makes the difference:

Thanks so much for sharing your positive experience! I agree with you wholeheartedly! Exceptional customer service at any establishment can make all the difference in the world with one's overall experience at that establishment. You may have already done this, but I highly suggest you call or email this fast food restaurant's corporate headquarters and let them know about the wonderful service you consistently receive from this particular location. And if you can give the corporate office the names of the individuals who consistently provide you with excellent service, it could help those individuals immensely. Hopefully, they will be recognized, which should only add to their motivation to continue it.

Readers, if you have a positive customer service experience you would like to share, please email it to me. I will do my best to publish as many as I can.

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