VIRGINIA BEACH -- There are four technicians who work the service department at Aldridge Chambers in Virginia Beach. They know their stuff.

I took the crash course in tuning up engines and sharpening blades but my real interest was just firing up lawn mowers.Iwas convinced that the sound would be therapeutic as we continue to trudge through this dreaded winter season.

'Ijust love the satisfaction of making something function properly and getting it running properly,' said service technician Adam Dorris.

The guys love what they do and each day there are 50 to 80 lawn mowers they need to move out of the shop just to get started servicing them again.

This time of year, they are on the verge of real crunch time.

'Oh I like what I do,' concluded Rodney Purdin.

As for me, the sweet sounds of starting five or ten lawn mowers did the trick. Ilistened to them hum and had the feeling that Spring was just around the corner.

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