VIRGINIA BEACH -- The spring and summer weather will bring thousands of people to the Virginia Beach Oceanfront.

Just in time for the rush, Virginia Beach Police Department and Regent University's School of Communication created a video to remind people to enjoy themselves and act responsibly. They hope the message hits home to 18 to 25 year olds, who may vacation in the resort city.

Police told there was no specific event that led to the creation of the PSA.

In February, police met with Oceanfront business owners to discuss safety plans ahead of spring break and the summer season, hoping to calm fears and concerns after one violent weekend.

Last year, tens of thousands of young people flocked to the Oceanfront for College Beach Weekend. Officers responded to shootings, stabbings, assaults and other crimes during the April 27 event.

The video shows two young women enjoying a soda and talking about the things they like. Then they decide to call police after two guys in a cart come back and bother them. Within moments, officers pull up beside them. The men look down, sheepishly, and drive off. One officer says 'Thanks for calling.'

The PSA's message is Be Safe. Be Aware. Be There, Call 757-385-5000 to help keep the beach fun!

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