Get set to pay more the next time you head to the gas station. The average price per gallon has climbed for the past 12 weeks. It's now at $3.72 a gallon nationally. That's up three cents a gallon in the past two weeks. Now the good news, industry analysts believe prices are about to tumble, just in time for the summer travel season.

Coca-Cola is removing a controversial ingredient from its Powerade sports drink. 'Brominated vegetable oil' is banned in Europe and Japan. A teenager started an on-line petition that forced Pepsico to take it out of Gatorade. Now Coke is following suit.

If you're planning to have a margarita to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, don't be surprised if it comes without a lime. That's because crop disease ravaged many of the lime trees in last year's crop, causing prices to rise. A new crop of limes is set to come out soon and experts predict that should cause prices to go down.

There's some speculation about the new ear buds Apple is set to come out with soon. Word is the headphones will come out with the new iPhone six and, get this, they'll be able to track you heart rate, blood pressure and more.

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