CHESAPEAKE -- Police are looking for a man who reportedly had his hand down his pants while looking at a 9-year-old-girl waiting for a school bus in Chesapeake Monday morning.

According to police, the man was inside the River Apartments laundry facility near Libertyville Road.

This is the second time in three days a man was spotted in the laundry facility performing this type of behavior, according to police spokeswoman Kelly O'Sullivan.

Angela Davis lives in Rivers Apartments and her daughter is in elementary school. She came home to find a letter from her apartment complex alerting her about the incident.

According to the letter, the complex is reviewing its safety procedures.

The letter also included tips for parents and asked residents to report any suspicious activity to police.

'It's crazy and ridiculous. I don't know what's wrong with people,' Davis said.

Until further notice, the laundry facility will close at 5 p.m. daily.

After this morning's report, officers searched the Libertyville Road area, where witnesses reported seeing the man.

Police are calling this a suspicious person case at this time.

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